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How Do I SEO My Website On Wix?

For many years, it’s only those who have computing and programming skills that could build websites. But this has since changed since free powerful website builders have been made available which makes it possible for anyone to build a high-quality website from scratch. Wix has been proven to be customizable and you can use it to build different kinds of websites. However, the question that many people have been asking is about how they can SEO their website on Wix.

Ways that you can SEO a website on Wix

Although hiring an SEO agency to work for you is better in terms of results and time savings, it’s also possible that you use some available tools. Here are ways that you can use to SEO your Wix site.

1. Use WiX SEO Wiz

You must have heard about Wix SEO Wiz, right? This tool is available on your Wix dashboard and it’s an easy-to-use tool that was developed with the sole purpose of helping your website to rank higher. It’s a free and intuitive tool and you can make it your assistant when you want to SEO any website that is built on Wix. This software tool has a dashboard that is equipped with different features that are easy to use, and which can help you in your quest to get a higher ranking. This tool guarantees Wix users an incredible experience.

2. Go for long-tail keywords

This is where you use keywords that are slightly longer, and which combine several phrases. Generally, shorter keywords have become more competitive because more people prefer using them in their website, and if you choose long-tail keywords, you can have some advantage in the end.

3. Register the right domain

Choosing the wrong domain can work against you when it comes to matters of ranking your website. Well, you can initially get a free Wix domain, but this is never a good practice when it comes to search engine optimization. Other than this, it makes your website look unprofessional, which doesn’t benefit your business at all. Your choice of a name should take into account the goods that you sell or the service which you offer. Make it easier for the people who look you up to find you quickly.

4. Write unique descriptions and titles

When you are doing SEO for your Wix site, ensure that you add proper descriptions and titles. This should not just be for your home page, but for all the pages, sections, and subsections that exist on your website. It’s also equally imperative that you write titles that are catchy and attractive so that people may opt for your content as opposed to your competitor’s content when they search.

5. Make your Wix Website mobile friendly

A vast majority of people browse the web using their mobile device and when thinking SEO for your Wix website, ensuring mobile compatibility should be among the first things that you should put in place.


Search engine optimization is a dynamic field that is always evolving. However, when you have a Wix website and you want to SEO it, the above tips should help you achieve that noble goal. Always remember that you may need the help of an SEO agency, partly because of the extensive skills and experience that they have, but also because they are always ahead of the trends.

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