SEO Newcastle is an SEO Agency that has been helping all types of businesses become significantly successful through Organic Google Search (SEO). No lock in contracts. No outside sourcing. No sales pressure tactics. No excuses.

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We've Grown Businesses Of All Sizes Through Expert SEO

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500+ 5-Star SEO-Related Reviews

When you consider availing a service, it is only natural to check for feedback and reviews from previous customers. And we are highly confident in that department; we are regarded as 5-star SEO services from companies around the world.

We have worked with companies that boosted largely from a big-scale or developing company. Your Newcastle based business will be widely known as the market leader in the SEO industry.

Newcastle: Unsurpassed Services and Carries out Their Mission

Risking your businesses SEO in the guise of a low-cost SEO guru will not do you any good. Give yourself a break and give your business the SEO treatment it deserves.

In line with that, treat your business as if it is your own child!

You need not take a risk for your digital business because we can assist you with our top skills in SEO. So, go ahead, be at ease and protect your pocket.

Honestly, getting a guaranteed SEO services in Newcastle sounds troublesome, but rest assured because you have us, a talented SEO team who aims to:

1. Bring out the success of your company above anything else

2. Tailor-fit all SEO tactics to the needs and demands of your company and industry

3. Top-up your website traffic and ranking to upscale your business through the best SEO strategies

4. Provide the best plan for improved search engine rankings and figure out a long-term solution for a sustainable plan to place your website on the top-results page

5. Come up with a personalized approach but with a reasonable price

Our promises do not come empty, our confidence is rooted with oozing credibility. We specialize in connecting, engaging, and strengthening your brand to have the leverage in Google Search. We treat your success as ours, so with that goal in mind, we are ready to help you produce an endless stream of Organic Leads and Sales through strategic SEO.

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We placed on the first-page for “SEO Newcastle,” an extremely competitive industry in SEO. So stop worrying and let us do the job!

If you were able to reach up to this part, it only means that you are knowledgeable in SEO services. You must also agree that this is a key indicator in renowned businesses, so it is no wonder that you hope for that similar footing as well. One of the proofs that we can present is how you were able to land on this page that despite the pool of competitors, we are standing at the top. We can guarantee to do the same to you, too. Practicing the proven white-hat SEO techniques, we will dominate the world of SEO in Newcastle, a cutthroat industry worldwide.

Keep a close eye on your business security and sustainability at a very rapid increase!

100% transparency. No excuses. No crooked SEO fixes. No black-hat SEO practices. Purely Newcastle SEO Results.

Proven White-Hat Newcastle SEO strategies built by over 15 years of experience in the industry.

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A Full Audit

Our SEO campaigns always begin with a full audit that we do via a phone call with you. We review the current issues with your page, any problematic off page activities as well as create a scalable site architecture.

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Analysing Your Competitors

Your competitors can always overtake you, so it's important to understand what they're doing to make sure you can stay a step ahead of them.

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Keyword Research

We go in depth to understand your market. We don't just pop it into a tool and hope for the best - it's about understanding market psychology and what people in your industry are searching for.

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Content Strategy

The most important aspect of ongoing SEO is ensuring you are creating new content regularly. This is what keeps you active in your niche and ensures the best short term results for organic traffic.

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On Page + Technical SEO

Your website can only be as good as its foundation. If your on page SEO is not up to scratch, then all other aspects of SEO has less effect on your business.

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Building Quality Links

Quality matters. This is key in link building. A website can have thousands of backlinks but a website with only a few quality ones will always beat the rest. This is what Google looks for consistently.

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Ongoing Maintenance Of Your Page

Google is always changing. If you know SEO, you know about Core updates and how the SEO landscape has changed. You need to make sure you stay up to date on these things to ensure the best results.

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Full Monthly Reporting & Dashboard

Your website can only be as good as its foundation. If your on page SEO is not up to scratch, then all other aspects of SEO has less effect on your business.

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Reach The Top Of The Rankings

The difference between websites that rank at the top of page 1 and websites that get hard stuck in the rankings is quality. We focus on quality SEO.

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Work With Us Directly

All the work is done by us! You won't have to deal with account managers or overseas staff. Talk to us directly.

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Get An Interactive Dashboard

We don't hide our work behind complicated reports and hard-to-read information. We create you an interactive dashboard that clearly shows the results of our work at any given time.


Our job does not stop in serving your business alone, we cherish our Newcastle clients as well. Consequently, we have integrated a business model that we over-deliver to all of our clients. Take a quick look at some of these no-cost SEO bonuses:

CRO Recommendations

We're always working with you to better improve your conversion rates and give you insider facts on what would work in your industry.

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Low Hanging Fruit Keywords

We're never satisfied with how many keywords we can get to the top. We constantly crave to see what related keywords we can get to be on top. We will always think of more opportunistic keywords and form a contingency plan on how to rank for them.

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Fixing Of Previous Black-Hat SEO

No matter who you've worked with in the past, we will fix all the black-hat SEO your business may have.

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Interactive Tracking Dashboard

We launched an interactive dashboard so that you can monitor the results we're generating for you at any time of the day. All data is extracted from Google Search Console, so be at ease because we only work with legitimate data

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7 Days A Week

Whether it's Patrick or Lucas you wish to talk to - we both function 7 days a week so we're always at your fingertips.

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Zoom Meetings

We believe in getting to know each other on a more personal approach. Each project is diverse, and we don't outsource any of the work. Meet with us as much as you want. You'll see how dedicated and committed we are.


Observe the SEO results we are processing anytime

A lot of Newcastle SEO agencies and experts keep you out of the results in the pretense of intricately-made reports but we are different, we prefer our clients to be well-informed so that they are aware of the results and the processes.

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Search Engine Optimization Agency In Newcastle Cares About Your Business

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Reach The Top Of Google Rankings

The difference between websites that place at the top of page 1 and websites that get stuck hardly in the rankings is quality. We focus on quality SEO

Talk To Us Now
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Work With Us Directly

All the deed is done by us! You don't have to deal with account managers or overseas staff. You may talk to us directly

Talk To Us Now
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Get An Interactive Dashboard

We don't hide our work behind complex reports and hard-to-read data. We devised an interactive dashboard that clearly illustrates the results of our work at any given time

Talk To Us Now

Can we guarantee SEO Results in Newcastle?

The direct answer is no because regardless of how gifted the SEO team are, it is impossible to guarantee best results instantly because, still, Google has the final say. Just a tip, if ever anyone promises you with sweet results, the first thing you should do is walk away. However, what we can guarantee is providing you results through our best capabilities.

What we can assure you, is that we are search engine optimization experts who breathe, eat, and live SEO 24/7. We’re ready for any challenge and we’re a hundred percent reliable in our performance.
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Lucas Vitale, SEO Consultant
500+ reviews on Fiverr

Do Not Place Your Trust On SEO Newcastle Freelancers Or Through The Wide Digital Marketing Agencies – Double The Visitor Traffic And Sales Figures With Skilled SEO Newcastle Team

There is no competitor too established for us to catch up to. The SEO industry is the most competitive industry in the world when it comes to ranking at the top of Google - and we've done it.


SEO Results Targets Sales on Long-Term Sustainability

With the advent of our SEO Newcastle Team, your competitors would start to lag behind you in all categories –rankings, organic traffic, and authority, name it. We could be way past them.

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SEO Keyword Analysis & Research

We probe and explore all keywords so that your Newcastle customers will clearly see that you are in it for them by being the most-viewed website among many others.

Darwin On-site Search Engine Optimization

We have a paramount knowledge base of on-site and technical optimizations that will outsmart all your competitors from different classes and niche through a full SEO package.


An SEO Agency in Newcastle Being Results-Driven

To witness how people are forced to commit to a long-term contract is just extremely absurd. If you are not receiving any promising results, then maybe it is time to say our goodbyes, as easy and convenient as that.

We find it ridiculous that 99% of SEO agencies force you to be locked into a lock-in contract.
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Google Consultant and Ranking Expert
Top-Rated Seller on Fiverr


We Specialize in SEO alone

You are probably thinking that digital marketing is a better choice, then hold your thoughts, because you are about to make a grave mistake.

The underlying reason why digital marketing agencies fail to live up to their promise is that they offer you everything on the table. They suggest all website design services and even advertising services that you do not need. We highly specialized in SEO so expect that our offer is focused on SEO services alone.

SEO Success Rate
SEO Backlinks Contacts
Over 15 Years Of Experience in SEO

Choose Your SEO Plan

We don’t hide our prices through ‘personalized proposals’ to force you to get on the phone with us. No shadiness, full transparency from day 1.


Standard SEO

Ideal For Medium Competition Keywords
USD Per Month
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Full On-Page Optimizations Including Technical Optimizations + Maintenance
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Manual Outreach Backlinks - 20 High Quality Backlinks from High Traffic Websites and High DR Websites
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Monthly Reporting of Work Done on your Website and Analytics of SEO Improvements

Elite SEO

Ideal For Highly Competition Keywords
USD Per Month
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Full On-Page Optimizations Including Technical Optimizations + Maintenance
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Manual Outreach Backlinks - 20 High Quality Backlinks from High Traffic Websites and High DR Websites
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Full-Time Customer Support and Zoom Meetings
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Elite Level SEO Techniques That Are Used Specifically for Elite-Level Global Companies
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Monthly Reporting of Work Done on your Website and Analytics of SEO Improvements
Best Value

Advanced SEO

Ideal For Nationwide Competition Keywords
USD Per Month
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Full On-Page Optimizations Including Technical Optimizations + Maintenance
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Manual Outreach Backlinks - 20 High Quality Backlinks from High Traffic Websites and High DR Websites
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Full-Time Customer Support and Zoom Meetings
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Monthly Reporting of Work Done on your Website and Analytics of SEO Improvements

SEO-Related Frequently Asked Questions

We know for some of our clients, that SEO isn’t a subject they are too familiar with. However, we all know that we want to be at the top of Google. Check out some of our SEO-related frequently asked questions.

How long until we see SEO results?

You will start seeing SEO results within the first month but unlike other SEO consultants, we’re not going to tell you that you’re going to get page 1 in a month. SEO is a long term investment, meaning that you have to put in at least 3 months of work in order to be able to see the best type of results for lower difficulty keywords. Typically, with 6 to 12 months, there is always at least a few low-medium level keywords that we can achieve page 1 for – which is a huge gamechanger.

How will I know what you're doing is working?

We provide you an interactive dashboard that you have access to 24/7. You can check this dashboard at any given minute of any day to see the results we’re getting you extremely clearly. We use data straight from your Google Search Console to gauge how much organic traffic, impressions, keyword ranking improvements, geo location of traffic you’re getting. We are more than happy to track custom metrics on your request. We will heavily research the keywords (including competitor analysis) to determine what keywords would work best for the level your company is currently at. Every month we will send you a report to show your growth in Google rankings, organic traffic, and organic impressions.

Do you only work with big companies?

No. We have worked with hundreds of big companies including InVideo, Sony, Canva and various other companies. We have also worked with hundreds of completely new companies. It doesn’t matter your size, your experience, or anything like that – we welcome anyone regardless of size.

Can you also help me with advertising? Or website creation?

No. SEO is all we do. To be an expert, you have to specialize your skills, this is what we strongly believe in. Our lives revolve around SEO, from the latest news on search engine algorithms to our day to day life, everything we do is focused around SEO. A jack of all trades is a master of none – remember that.

What are SEO services?

SEO services are search engine optimization services that experts can do for your website so that your websites rankings on Google Search can increase and as a result your website will get more daily visitors and sales. These type of SEO services are often provided by SEO agencies or SEO freelancers who are experts in all aspects of SEO.

What is the best SEO service?

The best SEO services are SEO services that are complete. Nowadays there are too many agencies and experts that offer SEO backlinks services, or On-Site Optimization services, or content writing services. The best SEO service is a complete SEO service that is inclusive of all aspects of SEO. That’s exactly what we offer to our clients.

What is included in monthly SEO services?

A monthly SEO service is usually a complete SEO service that is inclusive of all aspects of SEO including auditing, keyword research, competitor analysis, on-site optimizations, technical optimizations, content writing, off-page optimizations (backlinks), as well as reporting, and maintenance.

What is localized SEO?

Local SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that helps any business be more visible in local search results on Google Search. Any business that has a physical location, address, or serves a specific customer location should be taking advantage of Local SEO. If you are not taking advantage of Local SEO, then how do you expect customers in your location to find you?

How do I optimize my website for local SEO?

To optimize your website for local SEO, you must optimize all the SEO settings and code throughout your website to abide by Google’s best practices. You must also consider keywords that are frequently being used in your local area by your ideal customers. It’s also important to check the competition of those keywords because there’s no point trying to rank for keywords that you won’t be able to rank for due to your competitors being way too established. There’s always low-hanging-fruit keywords, which means keywords that not many competitors are using, but that your target customers are still using. We like to target these keywords with an optimal Local SEO campaign to get you quick wins and some solid traffic, simultaneously while improving your authority over time so that you can rank for the highly competitive keywords in the future.

How do I master local SEO?

Mastering Local SEO involves perfecting all aspects of SEO on a consistent basis. This includes On-Page Local SEO, Off-Page Local SEO, and Technical SEO. All these aspects should be coupled with a well thought out content strategy.

What kind of business can use local SEO?

Pretty much any business that has a physical location, address, or any business that targets customers of a specific location. This includes retail stores, jewellery stores, event planners, dentists, doctors, clinics, photographers of all types, real estate agents, and many more.

What industries need SEO the most?

There is no industry that needs SEO the most. If you aren’t leveraging SEO for your business, your leaving money on the table, it’s as simple as that.

What are the benefits of local SEO?

What are the benefits of local SEO?The benefits of local SEO are extremely obvious. You want to be able to sit back, relax, and let website visitors and buying customers come to you. Consistently. Day in and day out, for years to come. Completely organically and never pay for advertising again. This is the power of local SEO.

Why It is So Important for Newcastle businesses to stand on the peak of SEO

People are hitting Google every second, so making your business out in the public is already an advantage to your competitors. However, these dynamics are scarcely known because the lesser people who know about it, the less competition they will have.

Newcastle are among the competitive cities in Australia; needless to mention that the competition is neck-and-neck. However, a vast pool of customers is a sign that the businesses are healthy and striving, so maximize the chance of getting your business known around the world.

It is a waste of opportunity to just leave the door open and not take a step near it. Serve what the people need and use it to your favor; give them what they are looking for!

"97 percent of consumers looked online for local businesses in 2017, with 12 percent looking for a local business online every day."
Search Engine JournalLeading SEO Magazine
Illustration of Google Search result rankings

Learn More about Newcastle SEO Experts to make an informed judgment

We work almost nonstop to produce the best results just like large scale companies that we have helped soar through SEO tactics, these are Canva, My Great Learning, InVideo, Sony, and a lot more to mention.

If we can make these companies be on the top-results of Google’s first-page, why are you holding back your company’s success?

Contact us Now

If you schedule an appointment with us, you can expect us to call you. You won't need to speak to a 'project manager' or a 'sales call agent' or any of that sort. You work with us directly.

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