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How to change/add or edit H1 tag

How To Change/Add or Edit H1 Tag in Shopify Homepage – SEO Assistance

It’s important to know how to change, add or edit a H1 tag in your Shopify homepage.

The H1 tag is the first heading on a webpage and should be used as the main title on your page (that website visitors can see). It’s also known as the main heading, and for SEO purposes it should include your pages target keyword inside of it.

how to change/add or esit H1 tag

If you need help figuring out how to change or edit this tag, here are some things you can do:

  • Click on “Themes”
  • Click on “Actions” and then click on “Edit code”
  • The H1 tag is usually found in the header of Shopify stores so search for “header”.
  • Once a header file comes up, click on it, and use CTRL+F to search for <h1
  • If it comes up, then there’s your Shopify’s H1 tag, and you can either remove it completely or change it. Always make sure to also change the ending tag by using CTRL+F to find </h1>

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What is a H1 tag in shopify homepage?

The H1 tag is the first heading on a webpage and should be used for your website’s title. It’s also known as the main heading, and it should be descriptive of what your page is about.

 Step 1: Go to Customize

how to change/add or edit H1 tag

Once you’re in the Design section, click on Customize. This will take you to where you can edit the title and meta tags of your Shopify homepage.

 Step 2: Tap on Header

how to change/add or edit H1 tag

In this step, you will be changing the Header. You can put in any title you want for your website. This is the main heading and should be descriptive of what your page is about.

 Step 3: Go to Themes

Once you’re done editing all your H1 tags, you’ll need to go through your Shopify theme.

  • Click on Design > Themes
  • Press the Settings button under Page Settings
  • Scroll down to find Content Header section
  • Select Custom Page Title under Meta Tags.

 Step 4: Click Duplicate

If you need to add a new tag, the easiest way to do it is by duplicating your original title. This will create a new H1 tag with the same heading text as your original, but with the added text you specify in Step 5.

  • Click Duplicate Title
  • Type in Custom Page Title (or another name)
  • Add New Tag under meta tags and repeat step 4.


The H1 tag is the most important element in your web page. It is what you’re aiming for when search engine optimization, and it will help your website to be seen in the search engines. To add an H1 tag to your Shopify homepage, you will need to:

1. Go to Customize, then click on Header.

2. Tap on Themes.

3. Click Duplicate and under Title type in Custom Page Title

4. Save your changes and you’ll see your new and improved H1 tag in the top of your Shopify homepage!

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