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Is SEO better on Squarespace or WordPress?

People build a website to achieve certain goals. To do so, it must rank highly and should be visible to the users. This is why good SEO is a must for every website builder that you would want to use.

WordPress has been one of the most popular website builders that have been in use for years now and other alternatives are coming into the scene. One of them is the Squarespace that has rattled the web design scene in recent times.

But the key question among the users is-between WordPress and Squarespace, which one is best for search engine optimization?

In basic terms, search engine optimization means building your website with the needs of search engines in mind. This means that every step that you take while building your site takes into consideration the needs of Bing, Yahoo!, and Google in mind.

What affects your website SEO?

You should understand that there are more than 200 factors that are used to rank your website, so you will need to know these issues and incorporate them into your site. It is cumbersome for any layman who is interested in building a website to know all of them, and that is the reason why you should hire an SEO agency to make sure that your website is performing at it’s best in terms of SEO rankings regardless of which website builder you’re on.

Comparison between Squarespace and WordPress

1. Heading

This is an important SEO feature, and Squarespace offers H1s to H3s. However, H1S to H6s is available with WordPress. This makes WordPress the winner in this category

2. Custom URLs

This is available throughout the site in both Squarespace and WordPress, so we can rank them as equal on this one.

3. Image Alt tags

Available side wide in WordPress and only as an image caption in Squarespace.

4. Meta descriptions

In WordPress, these are available in all sections of the site but in Squarespace, these can only be found on the main pages and not the blog. This makes WordPress the better choice here.

5. Sitemaps

This is one area that Squarespace wins because this feature is available on all its plans. In WordPress, this is only available on the business plan but through the Yoast plugin.

6. Mobile responsiveness

With Squarespace, mobile responsiveness is an automatic feature, while you can make your WordPress to be responsive manually.

7. SSL Encryption

This is an important part of every credible and reputable website. With Squarespace, SSL security is available on all its plans, and you can buy it separately with WordPress.

Squarespace versus WordPress- Which one is better?

Squarespace is a comprehensive website-building tool, which allows you to sign up and use all the available features at no additional cost. However, it does not have an app market, so your ability to integrate with third-party apps that could help make SEO easier is limited. With WordPress, you are allowed to pay for whatever you need and leave out the rest. It’s also easier to integrate with third-party apps, so this makes it easier for your SEO.

Generally, WordPress is better because of its ability to integrate various plugins. With WordPress, you have the SEO power that you need to make your website better in terms of ranking.

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