Do Wix Sites Rank On Google?

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When building a website, one of the things that you should never stop thinking about is how to get it to rank better. When you create an amazingly beautiful website that nobody can find, you will not have achieved your goal.

So it’s natural to be concerned if Wix sites rank well on Google. The reality is that Wix websites rank better on Google. Over the last few years, Wix has worked hard to incorporate features that its website builder was lacking and this has made it compete favorably with Weebly and WordPress. If everything is done the right way, sites that have been built using Wix have no problem getting to the top of search results.

Tips to help you improve your ranking on Wix

There are several things that you can do to boost your ranking on Wix and among them include:

1. Use the Wix SEO WIZ

This is an incredible SEO tool that helps to set up your preferences based on a few questions. This feature is amazing especially for people who are new to search engine optimization because it provides you with a complete guide about what you should do. This software also lets you know if you have achieved your SEO goals as you go ahead in your campaigns.

2. Ensure that the basics are done correctly

You will be astonished to discover that many websites don’t have their core search engine optimization done correctly. This makes it necessary to hire an SEO agency if you are new to SEO because this will help you set the right foundation for your digital marketing by ensuring that all the things that matter are done correctly.

3. Make sure you focus on mobile

Wix is perfect for making mobile-friendly websites. For all mobile-friendly websites, Google always rewards them with better rankings, unlike those that are not mobile-friendly. Take your time to make your website the best it can be on mobile and you will improve its ranking. The better ranking your website gets can be linked to a better user experience.

4. Use your Meta descriptions properly

There are rules which you should follow when using Meta descriptions and among them is to ensure that you keep to the recommended character limits. There is a limit of 130 for mobile and 160 characters for other devices. You have an opportunity to explain to your targeted audience and let them know why online visitors should click on your website pages. Available tests suggest that descriptions that are somehow longer offer a better level of user engagement.

5. Ensure that you have submitted your site map

A site map is of huge importance to SEO and it informs the search engines about what your website contains, its structure, and where you can get what you want.


Wix sites rank on Google. The major strength that is associated with Wix is that it allows you to develop your website around your content. However, to be ranked, you have to be sure that everything is set up correctly.

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