How to Do Keywords Research For Free

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There are powerful tools that you can use in crafting an effective SEO strategy- and these tools are available at no cost. Without these tools, knowing which word or phrase to incorporate into your website content can be a herculean task.

The best free keyword research tools help you in planning your online marketing tasks in many ways. For instance, you use them to generate keyword ideas, show you the number of people who actively use a certain word and also identify trends. In short, you will be able to understand the amount of competition that you will get through choosing to rank for a particular phrase or keyword. These are complex tasks that your SEO agency can be better placed to help.

Key Elements to Check When Doing Keyword Research.

There are three main elements that you must be aware of when doing your keyword research.

1. Relevance

Google checks content for relevance and this is where “intent” is always invoked. Your content ranks if it meets the needs of those searching it. Your content should also solve the problem of the question that is being asked.

2. Volume

Volume is the number of people who search for your keywords every month, across all your audience. The higher the search volume, the better.

3. Authority

Search engines give more weight to sources which it considers to be more authoritative. To be considered as a source of authority, you must enrich your website with helpful information, and also promote that content to earn you backlinks.

Using Free Tools to Research for Your Keyword Strategy

Here are steps to follow while researching for the best keywords using free tools.

Step 1: Come up with a list of topics based on the knowledge of your business

This is the first step and you have to think broadly. Come up with 5-12 topic buckets that you are very convinced that they matter to your business. These are the topics that you will be using on the free tools while creating specific keywords later.

Step 2: Fill the topic buckets that you selected with some keywords

Now, you can choose one or two topic buckets that you would like to closely focus on. Think of phrases that you believe are most likely to rank in search engines. This is because the customers that you are targeting will be using those keywords or key phrases to search for what they want online.

Step 3: Take into account the Intent, and how it affects your keyword research

The intent of the user is one of the most pivotal issues while determining search engine ranking. Don’t just take the face meaning of a keyword, as it may have other meanings to the users. Think from the perspective of the people that you are targeting. Type the keyword that you have chosen into a search engine and see the results that you will get.

Step 4: Research for related search words,phrases or terms.

Plug a keyword into Google, and take note of the related terms that appear. Scroll to the bottom of the search results, and you will see a few suggestions which are related to your original input.  Use this to spark additional ideas that you may want to consider.

Step 5: Use keyword research tools to your benefit

Based on the general ideas of phrases and keywords that you have come up with above you can now use the free SEO tools to refine them to your advantage. Many free tools are available out there, so you should use them to boost your visibility.

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