Where Can I Get Free Backlinks?

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Backlinks, in simple terms, are links that connect one website to another. If a person links to your website that means that you have a backlink that originates from their website to yours. If you link to a site that also means that they have got a backlink from you.

How backlinks can help your website

1. Leads to better ranking

Backlinks are important for every website owner, and the role that they play is mostly related to helping your website to get highly ranked than the competitor. You will discover that on a few occasions, the number of backlinks that a website gets correlates to the traffic which comes in from organic search. For Google, this appears to be a sign of confidence.

2. Makes your website discoverable

The search engines visit web pages that they already know about when checking for new content. This means that more popular pages get more visits, and your content may get discovered faster when you get a few backlinks from popular websites.

3. Backlinks brings you some referral traffic

The reason why backlinks exist is to help people find valuable resources on the web. Anyone clicking on your link on another website lands on your web page as a referral visitor, which makes it beneficial for your site or business.

What to look out for while getting free backlinks

Getting free backlinks is not as hard as many people would make it to be. However, you shouldn’t just go for every free backlink that is available out there because not all of them are the same.

Make sure that you get links from websites that have similar content to what you offer. For example, if you have a plumbing website, anything that relates to plumbing is what you will find to be relevant.

Moreover, get a link from sites that offer more authority. Page-level authority is something that can never be stressed enough because it has a great positive relationship with the organic traffic that your website receives.

Where to get the best free backlinks

1. Consider backlink opportunities with credible referral sources

You should check the type of content that offers you a backlink, and if you find that there is different content, you can create different sites or pages or sub-domains that suit that requirement.  One of the best ways to know your referrals is to use Google analytics. Go to Acquisition, then All Traffic, and finally to Referrals. However, you can hire a top SEO agency to help you with this because they are the pros on these matters.

2. Go for partnerships

Take a close look at your outbound links, and if you discover that you are sending out lots of traffic, you can send them an outreach email and form a partnership.

3. Use Google Search Console

Google Search Console can be a great tool when you need to discover free opportunities for backlinking. Among the available tools is the top linking sites report that helps you to know about all the websites which have linked to yours in the past.

4. Use broken links to build backlinks

This also presents another free method that you can use to get free links to your website. Technically, broken links no longer exist, but if you know how to play around with them, you can use them to bring lots of website traffic to your website.

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