Which Meta Tags Are Important For SEO?

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Websites that don’t have Meta tags are missing a bigger opportunity that could enable them to rank high in the search engines. But what many people would ask is- what are Meta tags? These are HTML tags that are used to describe the content of your website pages to the search engines, as well as the visitors who want to get valuable content from your website pages. Meta tags are part of the code for every page, and anyone who wants to look at them can do so via the site’s source code.

These HTML tags tell search engine crawlers what a page is about, and you should consider meta tags to be the first impression that a website can have on all the search engines such as Yahoo!, Google, Bing, and more. In an actual sense, Meta tags influence how users will perceive your website and to a larger extent will determine if visitors will indeed click through your site.

Meta tags that are important for SEO in 2022

Here are some of the most important Meta tags that can help boost your website SEO in 2022.

1. Title Tag

This is an HTML element that tells the search engine crawlers the kind of information that your website carries. What makes title tags important is that they appear in browser tabs and also on the search engine results page. The best title tag should be:

  • Not more than 60 characters.
  • Should contain words that describe what the content is about.
  • Should contain long-tail keywords.
  • It is better if your title can contain numbers. For example, 5 tips to help you boost your SEO campaign.
  • The title tag needs to start with your title tag as your main targeted keyword.
  • Do not have keywords that are excessively stuffed.
  • The title tag for every page should be unique.

2. Meta Description

This is what sums up the web pages. While this doesn’t affect your ranking with Google, it can affect your click-through rates considerably. Meta descriptions should have the following features:

  • Should contain your targeted  keywords
  • Are not duplicated
  • Have a call to action
  • Carry some of your marketing messages.

3. Canonical Tag

This type of tag is used as an indicator that that webpage also exists as another version. This helps to ensure that the search engines don’t index the other pages that exist.

4. Alternative Text Tag

Although search engines cannot read texts, using an alternative text, or alt text provides a way around this problem. When using an alt text tag, follow these rules:

  • Ensure clarity
  • Ensure that your filenames are informative.
  • Have proper description, without stuffing.
  • Avail an image sitemap.
  • Should not be more than 16 words.
  • Use a small-sized image for faster loading.

5. Header Tags

These tags are useful when you want to change font sizes and the hierarchy of information on your website. The header tags are mostly from H1 to H6. Any content that is marked H1 tells Google that it’s the most important information on that page. If you want to get the most benefit from meta tags, it’s always important that you hire the services of an experienced SEO agency.


Meta tags perform several functions, and among them are helping with ranking and also ensuring that your visitors can enjoy well-organized and engaging content. Provided that you use them correctly, Meta tags can help make your website more visible, therefore increasing your website traffic. You offer more value every time you use Meta tags to specify.

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