Which Website Builder Is Best For SEO?

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Numerous website builders are available online today, and each of them is different. To some extent, this means that some website builders have features that can help you get your website ranked more easily than others.

In this article, we have reviewed 4 website builders and this should help you have a clear idea about the option that is best for you about SEO.

1. Wix

This is an absolute delight for beginners as it’s designed with the needs of a newbie in mind. The price is great and starts at $14, making it perfect for starters who operate on a tight budget. However, there is also a free plan which you can start with. It has several built-in search engine optimization tools and an editor that is incredibly easy to use. For those who are new to using this builder, there are enough step to step guides that can help you get started.

Here are the features that make Wix stand out.

  • Wix is easy to use, even for SEO.
  • SEO is built into the dashboard, so no coding is required.
  • Is capable of being integrated into Google and other web analytics tools.
  • With a few questions about your website, Wix SEO will help you come up with the most appropriate plan.

2. GoDaddy

This is an awesome choice for those who need external help with their SEO. Website owners surveyed by SEO Assistance who have had access to an SEO agency in the past prefer using GoDaddy website builder as an SEO friendly platform.


  • It ensures that the most appropriate keywords are used for your website.
  • You can add descriptions and page titles without getting outside GoDaddy’s template editor.
  • Go daddy guides you through the entire SEO process.
  • Offers a comprehensive, all-in-one SEO solution for individuals and businesses.

3. Squarespace

This is a fantastic choice for some people who have some experience with SEO. The cost is great and starts at just $12 but you can take advantage of the free trials. The highly advanced tools and hands-on control features make Squarespace a great selection of SEO-optimized website builders.

Among the standout features that Squarespace offer includes:

  • Highly organized and superbly integrated SEO features.
  • It offers high-class social media integration which can do wonders for your SEO.
  • The editor is clean and perfectly structured.
  • Allows you to complete some SEO tasks straightforwardly.
  • Powerful tools for those who have little confidence, but who want to enjoy more control over their website design.

4. Weebly

This website builder has helpful and high-quality applications. There are many cheap plans that you can choose, making it one of the most affordable website builders that you can find online today.

Here are a few Weebly features that help with your SEO.

  • It’s easy to use, with all the necessary tools being built into the system.
  • SEO tools that help you enter and edit descriptions, custom URLs as well as ALT texts can be found on the page editor.
  • The builder has an app center that offers additional SEO functionality.


You shouldn’t sweat the little stuff. We’ve seen clients reach the top of Google for hundreds of keywords simultaneously in every different website builder platform you can think of. Your website builder is not the issue, the issue is that you need to plan, develop and implement the SEO work 100% correctly and consistently.

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