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The Best Shopify Themes For SEO – Top 3 Themes Exposed

Having an attractive and perfectly designed business website is important, but of equal importance is making sure that it ranks high in search engines. When building a website on Shopify, it is imperative that you select a good-looking theme, and which you can SEO  to make it rank better in the search engines.

With the help of an award-winning SEO agency, you can have a Shopify eCommerce store that is amazingly beautiful and that has been optimized for search engine rankings. Fortunately, several Shopify themes have been designed for search engines. Here are 3 of the best Shopify themes that you can use to design a website.

1. Palo Alto

This theme offers an incredible array of features that ensure that your customers enjoy a fantastic user experience. Among its features include:

a). Optimization for large images:

WordPress built this wonderful theme to handle the addition of large and high-resolution images of products. This helps to sell the product better to the targeted audiences.

b). Integration for customer testimonials:

The best way to build trust with your customers and improve conversions is to show them customer testimonials. With the Palo Alto theme, you can easily promote the products that you sell by sharing a few quotes and comments from your customers.

c). Multi-level navigation:

This is a fantastic way to provide drop-down navigation so that your audience can easily find whatever they require.

2. Vantage

Vantage is an excellent selection for those interested in a grid layout. It’s a theme that guarantees excellent SEO results and is famous for delivering an excellent user experience.

Here are some of the features that this theme offers.

  • It makes it possible for customers to do high-level product filtering. Shoppers can filter what they want by size, type, and brand.
  • This style integrates various color swatches, and this helps to reduce the frustration which the users undergo while trying to locate the variation of the products that they are looking for by color.
  • A product page gallery is available and this enables you to showcase your products visually. This way, you can make your customers enjoy a better look at the products that you offer them.
  • A multi-column menu is available and this helps your customers or audience to locate whatever they are looking for quickly.

3. Envy

This theme is for those who want a promotional-style website. Other than the helpful SEO features, this theme ensures that your prospects are engaged for longer, and delivers a better user experience. Some of the features which Envy offers include:

  • Marketing pop ups where you can share some marketing messages with your prospects.
  • Multi-level navigation that allows your customers to search for whatever they want easily.
  • Ability to zoom the images of the products that are on the website for better visibility.

Do you need help to choose the right Shopify theme?

Talk to a reputable SEO agency to help you choose the Shopify theme that is best for your business. A good theme should be user-friendly, functional, and should be properly optimized for search engine rankings.

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