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What Are The Most Searched Questions On Google? Complete List

Have you ever asked yourself about what questions are asked the most on Google? With this super search engine, the most common questions that are asked by people globally are aggregated and the data is interesting for anyone who would like to know.

“What is my IP” is perhaps that the highest number of people have asked, with more than three million people asking it every month. While this represents just one variation of how people ask it, several other variations still refer to the same question, and if that is put into account, the number of those who are asking about this can be incredibly high.

The ‘Global Search Volume’ average figures

Google shows searches under a column known as ‘Global Search Volume’, and these are just averages that are computed every month using data that has been collected by the system over the past 6 months. The keywords are generated using a free keyword research tool, which is easy to use, and which takes just a few seconds to get the data that you want.

Here are some of the questions that have been asked the most number of times on Google.

1.Highly Searched Questions and Phrases.

The following are the questions and phrases that are the most searched on Google and the number of times searched..

Why is there a leap day?2,240,000
Why is the sky blue?135,000
Why are you always lying?135,000
Why is my poop green?74,000
Why should we hire you?60,500
Why are cats are very afraid of cucumber60,500
Why are cats scared of-cucumbers49,500
Why cats purr49,500
Why did I get married49,500
Why do I smell49,500
Why am I nervous 49,500
Why is it raining 49,500

2.Questions and Phrases about ‘Whom”.

Who won -the -debate301,000
Whoi- ip201,000
Who let -the dog out135,000
Who sings- this song135,000
Whose- line is it -anyway135,000
Who -wants to be a millionaire110,000
Who are you -school 201590,500
Who should -I start90,500
Who won -the -Powerball74,000

3.The most searched “Where Questions”.

Where is my- refund450,000
Where -are you -now301,000
Where- is my -phone201,000
Where the wild things are135,000
Where to -invade next135,000
Where is the love110,000
Where- my state -refund90,500
Where is my mind90,500
Where -am I -right now74,000

4.The most searched “How” phrases and questions.

How to -register -to -vote1,220,000
How to- be -single1,220,000
How I- met your -mother1,220,000
How to -get away- with a -murder1,000,000
How- to tie a tie673,000
How- to lose- weight550,000
How- many -ounces in a cup450,000
How many- ounces -in -a pound450,000
How many –ounces- in -a gallon450,000
How many -weeks -in -a year450,000

5.Highly searched phrases and questions about “what”.

What -is my- IP3,350,000
What- time- is it1,830,000
What do- you- mean823,000
What does -the -fox say673,000
What- song- is-this550,000
What -time is- it in- California246,000

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